Bmdas Server Rules.

Main server rules:

1- No Corrupt Cops. All CP (Excluding the Mayor and Mayor BD) Are allowed to own houses but none are allowed to print.

2- No prop abuse; Propkilling, Propspamming,Prop Minging, Propflinging, Propsurfing and Propclimbing to harass other players or give yourself an advantage

is strictly prohibited and will result in a lengthy ban. (see building rules for more on propclimb)

3-No RDMing (Random Death Matching - Randomly killing people for no RP reason)

4- All classes can have 2 handed guns but the zombie is allowed no weapons.

5- You DON'T have to advert mugs, hits, kidnaps, counter raids or raids on normal bases. (still have to advert for bank and PD)

6- No spamming in OOC, Advert, over the mic or Admin chat.

7- Do not post or display Inappropriate things or links to inappropriate content.

8- Do not Randomly arrest players (RDA), they must either be wanted or you must see them break one of the mayors laws.

9- Do not metagame, using game mechanics to loophole or break RP related mechanics isn't allowed.

An example of this would be disconnecting and reconnecting because someone stole your printers.

10- Do not use OOC for RP purposes, you may not react in RP if you see something in OOC.

11- Do not FailRP as a CP (e.g buying printers)

12- You can't kill someone for hurting a party member, how ever you are able to kill someone if they hurt/kill someone of the same job as you. e.g if you were a crip and the crip leader or crip medic was shot/being mugged/kidnaped, you are able to intervene.)

13- No Proxies to avoid a ban time (changing steam accounts). This will get you banned permanently.

14- You are not allowed to sell jobs as it is considered FailRP. You can be demoted due to FailRP or have an admin called on you if a demotion does not go through.

15- Do not go on the Admin Roof unless you are in an admin sit or are an admin yourself.

Building rules:

1-You can place building signs to prevent being raided while building BUT you must not own any valuables until you remove the building sign.

2-Having valuables inside your base while having a building sign is considered rule abuse and will result in your base removed or a kick/Ban.

3-Base extensions are debatable by the highest ranking admin. Keep them from intersecting any street or other bases.

4-KoS Line can only be to a sidewalk and cannot intersect any street or other bases; Highest ranking admin can decide what is too much and what is fine.

5-You can have 1 fade door per real world door.

6-KoS signs must have a distinct area of engagement (e.g. = On a door means upon entering) . If one is too abstruse, an admin may request you put in a line using props.

7- A raider's entrance must be accessible by those without on drugs.

8- Do not buy doors and leave the base empty, do not say you are "using it" when you aren't actively basing in it.

9-Fading Doors cannot obscured in anyway, or made to be only pickable from one angle. i.e. = If the prop can only be cracked on a certain part

or if the fading door is confusing/hard to see, etc... There must be a clear indication of what the door is.

10- You must not force the raider to use a keypad cracker. All bases must be raidable with a lockpick

11-You must be able to CLEARLY see and interact with the route to enter and raid the base. Invisible, Black, and near match material/colored props are not allowed due to this rule.

12- No jump or crouch-jump entrances/tunnels etc. (You are allowed crouch entrances but not those which require you to jump to get in)

13- The base builder can KoS anyone trespassing if they choose.

Shop owners can KoS anyone trespassing in the back of their shop/past the selling area. (If this is too abstruse, an admin may have you clarify the selling area)

14- No fading door abuse; Do not open a fading door with your keyboard to shoot players, Do not open and close a door quickly or repeatedly to stop lockpicking; pressing keyboard button to run into base instead of using your keypad.

15- Fading doors must be opened with a keypad or button when being raided, The buttons or keypads may not be hidden. Fading doors must be set to open for at least 5 seconds,

and have a keypads/buttons on both sides of the door which are easily accessible. If the base is using a button, the button must be set to toggle.

16- Do not build or take props such as a no collided vehicle or camera into another persons base without their permission.

17- Do not build in the PD if you are raiding it, only CPs may build in the PD.

18- No Double fading doors, you may have 1 Fading door per entrance/doorway.

19- If you are shooting your enemy, you MUST have two-way eye contact if they are looking in your direction. No "headhunter traps" or One way Shooting props.

20- No pinch bases (very small crack you can shoot through) You must have an opening at least the size of a 1x1 cube from the builder menu.

21- Do not block off atm's they are a public place.

22- If using a maze: You are not allowed to have a fading door connecting to your maze at any point.

23- If you leave your base while building it will be considered as finished and you will be prone to raids.

24- No ridiculously large bases.

Do not block off ANY part of the map with your base, no tunnel or street blocking.

Every road/street etc must be able to be accessed no cutting off areas of the map.

Doing so will result in an admin removing your outer walls without warning.

25- Do not build bases which conflict with other bases, whether this be so that people can jump into someones base because of your base, whether this be blocking off someones only entrance/exit.

26- You may not edit a base DURING a raid. An example of this is refreezing rammed props while CP are still raiding the base.

27- If you want to make your base open to the public allow anyone to pass through with no discrimination, post signs letting people know.


Do not break NLR = New Life Rule; You must forget your past life and do not pursue your killer

(unless he shoots at you first). Stay at least a yelling distance away from your death point.

Normal NLR:

Do not return to previous location for 2 minutes.

Raiding NLR:

You may not return for 5 minutes whether you die or succeed at raiding a base, even if your friends are still raiding.

Defending NLR:

If you die while defending a base, you may not return to that base until the raid has concluded or 5 minutes.

You may run back and wait with a non-combat inventory item at a yelling distance away from the entrance of the base.

You are not allowed to interact with the raiders AT ALL or go back until the raiders have left the base and are out of eyesight.

Cp's defending the PD do not abide to this rule, they must only wait 2 minutes.

1- Do not bring real world religion into the game as it can offend some players. You are allowed to make ingame made-up religions, i.e. 'The Church of the Sacred Hotdog'

2- Do not bully or harass players for any reason.

3- If you are annoying a player and an admin asks you to stop, stop immediately.

4- Do not demote a player for non-rp reasons such as RDM, call an admin.

Non-RP reason:

CP random arresting you.

RP reason:

CP not going after criminals that mugged someone.

5- Do not spam your camera in another players face.


1- You must wait 5 minutes between raids.

2- You may only raid for 10 minutes max. No camping in someone's base; Once you get the loot, get out.

3- Do not (illegally) raid those with building signs up.

4- Gangsters, Bloods, Crips, Pro thieves, Civil Protection, terrorists are allowed to raid.

The only class that can raid with other classes is pro thief.

EG. A blood and a Crip CAN NOT raid together.

A medic CAN NOT Raid, all classes have a medic class, if need be raid with a pro thief.

Hitman classes are allowed to raid if they have a hit on the owner of the base.

ALL classes that aren't listed CAN NOT raid.

5- You may not raid ANYONE 10 minutes after a server crash/restart.

6- If a base has a sign saying open to the public, or if you can access the building without the use of a lockpick or door jock

and the player lets you in then do not kill anyone inside.

If you find valuables such as printers/guns you may begin killing people during your raid, otherwise it is just a search.

7- If you are about to start a raid, you may kill any CP in the IMMEDIATE area ( /y yelling distance) and anyone that is basing there.

If someone walks up to you with a weapon drawn, you may kill them as well (Threat to the raid).


1- You may only mug for a maximum of $5000 and must give them at least 10 seconds to comply.

2-No more 'insert any movement here' and you die.

(Example of what is NOT allowed: "This is a mugging, drop 5k or die. Turn around and you will be killed" )

3-If you have a weapon out and the mugger is in your vision when he started the mug, you are allowed to defend yourself.

4- Do NOT mug AFK players. This includes people with there job as "AFK" or if they were standing still prior to you mugging them.

5- While mugging someone if you turn your back, break line of sight, etc... the victim can shoot you.

6- If you are being mugged you must not FailRP; run away, ask them you want to die, suicide etc... you are breaking FailRP.

7- Do not mug the same person again for 15 minutes, even if you die and your NLR time has passed.

8- Once the mugging concludes, you may go after the mugger and kill him once he has broken line of sight.